Transforming Community Services within NHS NEW Devon CCG
The CCG has been working with the public and key stakeholders to develop its vision for the future delivery of community services within NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group’s area.

We are transforming community services to ensure:
• Local health services are based on local need
• The highest possible quality service for you and your family
• Care is provided as close to home as clinically appropriate
• Services meet local needs now and in the future.
We know that to get this right we must continue to engage with local people, patients, carers, clinicians and staff.
Integrated, personal and sustainable: Community services for the 21st Century
Our current community health services in the NHS NEW Devon CCG area are likely to become under more strain with an increasingly elderly population. We know changes need to be made in order to provide the highest quality healthcare for local people within resources available.
We also know that people want to be at home and stay at home whenever they can. Clinical evidence tells us that many people recover much better and faster at home too. In order to do this we need to make sure we have the right community healthcare services in the community.

The proposals are designed to do just that. They will increase the range of healthcare facilities that are available with places such as health and Wellbeing Hubs that will provide services such as clinics, therapy, preventive and other support for people’s wellbeing.  

They will also concentrate community hospital inpatient care on fewer sites meaning that there is the potential on these sites to support more people outside of large hospitals. By far the majority of people will not require inpatient care. They will be treated by expert staff in their own home or visit a community healthcare facility as an out-patient. This is not only a more efficient way of treating more people but it is exactly the type of care that the majority of people tell us they want.
Of course when a person does clinically need inpatient care we want to make sure that is available when they needed it and to a high quality standard.  

We are also proposing changes to the way we provide urgent care.

This is when somebody suffers an accident or injury that needs urgent help but is not in an emergency situation. We know it can be confusing where to go and what hours a Minor Injury Unit is open. The aim of the proposals is to ensure we have a consistent service right across our area. There will be new Urgent Care Centres that we propose open for a minimum of 16 hours a day and will provide x-ray facilities so that more people can be seen and treated without the need to have to go elsewhere.
Consultation and involvement
Update December 2014

The proposals have been subject to a consultation and involvement period from 17 September to 12 December 2014. This has been extended in the Eastern Locality until 15 February 2015.
Reports on the feedback will be published on this website and will now be considered by locality boards as follows:

If you have any questions you can write or email one of our locality leads:
Northern Locality
Crown Yealm House
Pathfields Business Park
South Molton
EX36 3LH

Eastern Locality
Newcourt House
Newcourt Drive
Old Rydon Lane

Western Locality
Windsor House
Tavistock Road
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