Response to BBC coverage of Wider Devon Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP)

Response to BBC coverage of Wider Devon Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP)

7 September 2016

Along with the rest of the country, a draft Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) for wider Devon (Devon, Plymouth and Torbay) was submitted to NHS England on 30 June, which proposes how local services will evolve and become sustainable over the next five years.
As a draft document, it is therefore a work in progress. There is more analysis and consideration to be undertaken before the work is complete. A further submission will be made in October and we will follow the nationally agreed timetable for publication.  
The STP creates the opportunity for health and local authorities to work together and formulate plans to improve and secure the sustainability of services we deliver to people across Devon.

This is a positive process that builds on work already undertaken building on engagement and feedback from members of the public, patients and other stakeholders by the North, East and West Devon Success Regime in the Case for Change, which was published in February 2016.  South Devon and Torbay CCG’s Case for Change was published on 1 September 2016.
Each STP area is responsible for engaging local people and stakeholders on their draft proposals. No changes to the services people currently receive will be made without local engagement and, where required, consultation. There are longstanding assurance processes in place to make sure this happens.
Engagement events have been held over the summer and will continue as the process of developing our STP continues. We will be talking to the public and stakeholders regularly about the main themes from the plan and this has helped shape our early thinking. 

We have been very open with people in both case for change documents about the scale of challenge our health and social care system faces and also the opportunities for improvement that exist. Clinical and financial sustainability has to be achieved alongside improvements in health and wellbeing for the people across Devon.
The programme of work to review acute and specialised service across Devon will commence in October.
Our commitment to consult with people about change is clear  we are consulting with people in Torbay and South Devon about proposed changes to community services  from 1 September to 23 November.

North, East and West Devon are planning a public consultation for autumn in relation to the Success Regime, and the outcome of both these consultations will contribute to the wider STP plan for Devon, Plymouth and Torbay.

Angela Pedder, lead chief executive for the STP and Success Regime in Devon said:

“Both CCGs have identified the challenges facing the health system in Devon and the need for change. The NHS and local authorities as a whole system are now working together to improve care through more integrated and locally tailored services and our plans will be formally communicated through the next version of the STP when it is published.”

Update from 19 September 2016

NHS England has recently published a document called ‘Engaging local people: a guide for local areas developing Sustainability and Transformation Plans.’  This guidance will help us to develop our engagement plans locally. 
NHS England expects us to take our STP to a public board meeting for discussion between late October and the end of the year. 

The expectation is that we will also publish our STP for formal engagement during this period, building on engagement work we have already completed. 

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