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Welcome to NHS Northern Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group

Welcome to the website of NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group, more concisely known as NHS NEW Devon CCG.
NHS NEW Devon CCG is responsible for commissioning, or buying, most healthcare services for the local population. We operate in an area of diversity with large urban cities such as Plymouth, and remote rural areas such as Dartmoor.
We plan local healthcare and buy services from large acute hospitals, such as the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, along with community services and mental health services.
We are dedicated to the principles of the NHS – a universal service, free at the point of delivery, where the quality and safety of services is of utmost importance. We are determined to work with our local communities and other partners in our area, to improve people’s health and make sure they are able to receive high quality, local services.

Our CCG covers the populations of the following major market towns and cities, and their surrounding areas:

Northern Locality
Great Torrington
South Molton

Eastern Locality
Budleigh Salterton
Ottery St Mary

Western Locality

We believe that clinicians and NHS managers work best when they work together and this simple belief is the bedrock of our organisation. 

We hope that you find our website useful. It has been created by the whole organisation, which means that people local to you have written content to ensure it is relevant to each of our localities. This will mean our website is also in keeping with the culture of our organisation.

If you would like to get in touch with us we would love to hear from you.

Population and demographics

Total (northern, eastern
and western Devon)
Resident population (2014)882,800159,700378,600344,500
Aged 65 and over (2014)194,30039,70087,70066,900
Aged 65 and over (2014)22.00%24.90%23.20%19.40%
Live births (2014)8,9971,4983,7133,786
Deaths (2014)8,8581,8943,8563,108
Life expectancy (2010-14, Male)8079.880.979.2
Life expectancy (2010-14, Female)83.883.584.483.1
Income deprived (IMD 2015)12.30%12.70%10.10%14.60%
Smoking rate (2014)16.70%17.20%13.20%20.40%
Alcohol admissions (2014-15)2003.82110.91777.72205

Prospectus for NHS NEW Devon CCG

NHS NEW Devon CCG prospectus

'What is a CCG?' launch film

NHS Northern Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group launched on 1st April 2013. We launched a campaign, 'what is a CCG?', to find out how local people view our CCG, and what they know about us and our vision. Click on the video to watch Dr Tim Burke introduce the CCG.

Engagement and communications framework

This strategic framework defines the direction for engagement and communications in Northern, Eastern and Western Devon. It provides the big picture about what we are setting out to achieve, and how we intend to involve, listen and talk to people about our work.

Meaningful engagement and purposeful communications

An alternative guide to the NHS in England

The kings fund have produced an animation which gives a whistle-stop tour of where the NHS is now. If you would like to watch the animation please click on the link below.
The Kings Fund: An alternative guide to the NHS in England

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