Governing body

The Governing Body is accountable to NHS England who oversees the performance of the Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Governing body members as of April 2018 - Click the image to read more about our members


The Governing Body members are made up of senior executive positions, GPs and clinicians.

They ensure the CCG commissions the highest quality services, with a view to securing the best possible outcomes for the patients within the financial allocation, whilst maintaining a consistent focus on quality.


The Governing Body has a duty to ensure that NEW Devon CCG operates effectively, efficiently including good governance and value for money.
In performing the functions, the Governing Body will seek to ensure that it:

  • Performs effectively
  • Promotes an open and transparent learning culture and values for the whole organisation
  • Takes informed decisions
  • Engages with stakeholders
  • Produces an annual report and annual accounts as a balanced assessment of NEW Devon CGs performance
  • Continue with improving quality and outcomes of services it commissions.


Ordinary meetings of the Governing Body are held at regular intervals.

A public notice of the time and place of the meeting, and the public part of the agenda including the supporting papers are published on the CCG website at least 5 working days before the meeting. 

A meeting of the Governing Body will be quorate only when a minimum of four members present.

These four members must include at least two clinicians.


The Governing Body keeps minutes of all meetings.

Minutes are agreed and signed off as a true record at the subsequent meeting.

Register of interests

The Governing Body also maintains a Register of Interests of Governing Body members.

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