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Success Regime in NEW Devon

The north, east and west (NEW) Devon Success Regime is one of three such programmes in the country – the others are Essex, and Cumbria – and is part of the NHS Five Year Forward View, the blueprint for the NHS which sets out the challenges facing health and care nationally and how radical change is needed to sustain services and improve care for patients.
The Success Regime focuses on certain areas in the country where there are deep-rooted, systemic pressures, such as financial deficits or issues of service quality.
It provides increased support and direction to secure improvement in:
  • Short–term improvement against performance and financial measures;
  • Medium and long-term transformation, including the introduction of new models of care;
  • Developing leadership across the health system, ensuring collaborative working.

As for all parts of the NHS, the priority is to go faster and further with transformation. Every local health and care system must have a Sustainability and Transformation Plan, and the NEW Devon Success Regime will facilitate this.

For further information on plans for the NHS and its transformation you can see the latest NHS planning guidance for 2016/17. To see a full copy of the NHS Five Year Forward View

Who is in the NEW Devon Success Regime?

The Success Regime in NEW Devon is chaired by Dame Ruth Carnall, and led by former RDE chief executive Angela Pedder.
The organisations who are members of the regime are: 
The NEW Devon Success Regime is clinically-led and has a number of working groups. Some information is already available on the NEW Devon CCG website and we expect more to be added as the programme progresses.

The Case for Change

The Case for Change was published in February.

This document sets out:
  • the local context;
  • the changing needs of people in north, east and west Devon;
  • the challenges facing local health and social care services;
  • what great services could look like; and
  • what happens next.
Read the Case for Change

Success Regime - Case for Change

The following video explains the case for change through the eyes of local GPs, nurses and patients.

The Success Regime: A whole systems intervention The Success Regime: A whole systems intervention The First Health and Care Economies (Annex)

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