Vision, mission, strategies and objectives


Healthy people, living healthy lives, in healthy communities


To commission high-quality and sustainable services that promote wellbeing, and care for people when they are unwell


We will:

  • Take joint ownership with partners and the public for creating sustainable health and care services
  • Implement systems that make the best use of valuable health resources, every time
  • Commission to prevent ill health, promote wellbeing and help people with long-term conditions to live well.

Corporate objectives

The objectives below represent the key deliverables for the CCG for 2018/19. They are designed to describe the priority areas that are vital we deliver this year.

The CCG executive members take corporate and personal accountability for driving and enabling achievement of these objectives through their leadership roles.

Our corporate objectives:

  1. To commission services to reduce health inequalities and match resources explicitly to improve the local health and wellbeing needs of the population of Devon
  2. To focus on safe and effective service delivery, improving positive experiences of patient health and care to achieve the best clinical outcome
  3. To ensure that the organisation contributes to system financial balance and maintains improvements in efficiency, productivity and sustainability for the wider benefit of the NHS
  4. To improve collaborative working with communities promoting self-care, prevention and make continuous improvements in health and wellbeing  for the population of Devon
  5. To make continued improvements in performance against core standards to deliver measurable results
  6. To deliver integrated care closer to home
  7. To support research, develop integrated commissioning alongside innovation and growth to benefit the population of Devon
  8. To empower, motivate and maximise staff expertise and knowledge by harnessing our most important asset – our staff

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