Guidance Sheets 22 to 29

22 Using the Medication Administration Record (MAR) effectively

Information on how to record medication on the Medication Administration Record (MAR). Including general guidance, how to keep the MAR chart up to date and potential problems that might occur.
Using the Medication Administration Record (MAR) effectively v3_2018

23 Covert administration

Advice on when covert administration is appropriate and how to document decisions made about a resident’s care.
Covert administration v3_2018

24 Oxygen treatment

Guidance on oxygen assessment, benefits of treatment, delivery systems available and key points for storage.
Oxygen treatment v2_2017

25 Parkinson's disease

Understanding Parkinson’s disease: causes, effects, treatment and how to support residents with this long term condition.
Parkinson's disease v2_2017

26 Reducing medicine waste

Top tips for reducing waste for care homes, GPs and pharmacies
Reducing medicine waste v2_2017

27 Using barrier products

Advice on barrier creams, how to assess a patient using four simple questions. What products to use and some tips on applying these creams.
Using barrier products v2_2018

28 How to write a medicines policy

Advice on writing a medicines policy that will meet the  National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) Managing Medicines in Care Homes guidance.
How to write a medicines policy v2_2018

29 Self-administration of medication

You should assume that a resident can take and look after their medicines themselves (self-administer) unless a risk assessment has indicated otherwise. Includes guidance on storage and record-keeping. 
Self-administration of medication v2_2018

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