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We know from feedback from children, young people and their parents/carers that services currently provided are not as integrated as they could be.  As described on the main children's services web page, we have been engaging with local service users, their parents/carers and staff working in children's and young people's services as well as with GPs and other referrers to seek their input into a future model for children's and young people's services in Devon.  Our engagement feedback report is now available in draft format for comment.

Key documents and information

Below is some information from our Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) and key documents/information to support the procurement.  

The JSNA is an ongoing process run by Local Authorities, the NHS and other public sector partners to jointly describe the current and future health and wellbeing needs of its local population.  It enables priorities for action to be identified to achieve better local health and wellbeing outcomes and reduce health inequalities when services are being planned and delivered.  In Devon:

  • Child poverty levels across Devon are 14.3%, however, in Torbay 23% of all children experience child poverty which is above the national rate of 20% (2014)
  • Rates of smoking amongst young people are falling over time and are generally lower than the South West average.
  • Teenage conception rates have fallen sharply over recent years, particularly in more deprived areas.  Devon rates (19.2%) are below the national average but Torbay rates are (26.1%) higher.
  • Self-harm admissions in younger people in Devon and Torbay are above the national average, with a higher risk in females.
  • Alcohol-related admissions for persons aged under 18 within Devon and Torbay are above the national average.
  • Excess weight in children at school reception age remains similar to the national average but at year 6 is higher than the national average in both Devon and Torbay.
Timeline for procurement of Devon children and young people's services

Other documents

SEND local offer website and SEND strategy - Devon County Council JSNA - Devon County Council SEN Strategy - Torbay CAMHS Transformation in Devon, Torbay and Plymouth - summary CAMHS Local Transformation Plan - South Devon & Torbay CCG JSNA - Plymouth CAMHS Local Transformation Plan - NEW Devon CCG JSNA - South Devon & Torbay JSNA for Safeguarding Children - Devon County Council Health Needs Assessments - Devon County Council Health Needs Assessments - South Devon & Torbay Health Needs Assessments - Plymouth



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