Obstetrics, gynaecology & urinary-tract disorder

Obstetrics, gynaecology & urinary-tract disorder - commissioning policies

Please click on the links below to access the commissioning policies. The associated Equality Impact Assessments, if currently available, are accessible here.

The CCGs’ position on the implementation of policies affecting patient referral can be found here.
Assisted Conception Avanafil for erectile dysfunction Botulinum Toxin for urinary incontinence due to detrusor overactivity Cryopreservation to preserve fertility Dapoxetine for Premature Ejaculation Dilatation and curettage for heavy menstrual bleeding in women Referral for the Surgical Management of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Reversal of male and female sterilisation Jaydess Levonorgestrel 13.5mg intrauterine system (IUS) for contraception Tadalafil 5mg tablets (Cialis®) for lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in adult men Ulipristal acetate 5mg tablets (Esmya®) for intermittent treatment of uterine fibroids

Please note:  Some commissioning policies approved by the previous commissioning organisations have not been reviewed and updated yet. However they are still applicable for the local population and can be accessed here

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