Communications and engagement strategy

Principles to patient and public engagement

NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group has agreed the following principles for patient and public engagement (PPE).

The CCG:

  1. Will meet its statutory duties to involve, engage and consult the public
  2. Expects to be accountable for the way in which it involves, engages and consults
  3. Believes responding to feedback from the public is as important as receiving it
  4. Believes in consistency and coherence in engagement but will vary its approach to reflect local circumstances and sensitivities
  5. Believes engagement must be authentic by operating within the context of financial and operational realities.
  6. Will support engagement infrastructure that the CCG can service within existing human and financial resources
  7. Will learn lessons from its engagement activity and respond accordingly
  8. Will coordinate all engagement activity across the CCG area
  9. Will ensure effective links between local arrangements and the PPEC to tap into wider networks and groups – beyond just health
  10. Will ensure that people who engage with the CCG are fully supported to do so

Positively engaging with local communities - September 2018

Positively engaging with local communities - September 2018

Community engagement on Devon STP’s priorities

Over the past year, the Devon Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) has been working on a system wide approach to engagement through an engagement working group.  Download the document below.

Putting the public and patient voice at the centre

Communications and Engagement Strategy
The following communications and engagement strategy was approved by the Governing Body in January 2017. 

Strengthening Engagement in the CCG

Please find below a paper that was approved by the NHS NEW Devon CCG Governing Body to support implementation of the CCG's communications and engagement strategy  It has a particular focus on the development of the new assurance committee, Patient and Public Engagement Committee (PPEC).
Strengthening Engagement in the CCG - December 2015

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