Public engagement panel

Our Public Engagement Panel provides assurance and direction for all engagement and involvement activity the CCG wishes to undertake with the public.

Membership includes a number of specialists, including senior commissioners, engagement and communications leads, clinicians and lay members. The panel help those considering further involvement and engagement activity, some of which may lead to formal consultation.

Engagement should be well planned, meaningful, strategically aligned, appropriately resourced and meet the NHS’s legal duty to engage.
The panel has seven key objectives:

  1. Ensures the CCG undertakes high quality, meaningful engagement.
  2. Ensures the CCG meet their legal duty to engage with patients and the public in the development and consideration of proposals for service change as outlined in the Health and Social Care Act 2012.
  3. Provide assurance to CCG Boards that engagement across both CCGs is well planned, meaningful and strategically aligned.
  4. Ensures all engagement activity is proportionate and appropriately resourced.
  5. Ensures there is central oversight of all engagement activity being undertaken across the CCGs.
  6.  Identify the support required from the communications and engagement team for the project, and whether support/expertise is required from wider in the organisation.
  7. Identify the role of the commissioning manager in the engagement process

Aim and membership

The panel meets bi-monthly and invites proposals for consideration that include (but are not limited to):

  • Strategic engagement (STP activity)
  • Engagement/consultation to support significant service change
  • Engagement to inform commissioning decisions
  • All surveys
  • All requests/commissioning to external organisations (e.g. Healthwatch, Living Options)
  • Provider Engagement

The panel membership includes;

  • STP director of communications and engagement – chair 
  • Lay members – four members of the public 
  • Clinician (Governing Body member) 
  • Head of communications – Clinical Commissioning Group 
  • Senior engagement manager - Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Devon County Council communications and engagement representative 
  • Devon County Council adult and social care senior representative 
  • Senior commissioner - Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Senior strategist - Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Healthwatch representative 

The CCG communications team manages the Public Engagement Panel, including advising people wishing to submit a proposal, assessing proposals, setting agendas and organising panel meetings.  

Meetings and papers

Public Engagement Panel - Summary report - January 2019 Public Engagement Panel - Summary report - March 2019

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