Register of interests

A declaration of interest must be submitted by employees, members of the clinical commissioning group and members of the Governing Body on appointment, reviewed annually and in the event that any personal interest or potential interest arises.

Where there are no interests to declare, a ‘nil’ return is required.

Examples of business interests for individuals, which includes partners or spouses, which are, or may be relevant to the work of NEW Devon CCG or an individual’s work within the organisations include:

  • Directorships, including non-executive directorships held in private companies or PLCs (with the exception of those of dormant companies);
  • Ownership or part-ownership of private companies, businesses or consultancies likely or possibly seeking to do business with the Group;
  • A position of authority in an organisation (such as a charity or voluntary organisation) in the field of health and social care;
  • Any  interest  that  they  (if  they  are  registered  with  the  General  Medical  Council)  would  be  required  to  declare  in accordance with paragraph 55 of the GMC's publication Management for Doctors or any successor guidance;
  • Any interest that they (if they are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council) would be required to declare in accordance with paragraph 7 of the NMCs publication Code of Professional Conduct or any successor Code;
  • Material shareholdings of companies seeing to do business with the Group;
  • Any research funding or grants that may be received by the individual from the Group or from any organisation seeking to do business with the Group;
  • Contracts commissioned by the Group in which the individual has a beneficial interest;
  • A position of influence with a political party or organisation;
  • Interests in pooled budgets that are under separate management (any relevant company included in this fund that has a potential relationship with the Group;
  • Where a family or close personal relationship exists with another member of the CCG, its partners or any relevant external bodies;
  • Any other relationship which may influence the judgement of the individual;
  • Details of any other employment you have or may undertake;
  • Any gifts or hospitality offered, whether accepted or not.

All declarations (excluding nil returns) are published below.

Register of interests Declaration of interest form Standards of business conduct Briefing regarding 'declarations of interest'

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