National guidance, information and publications

National guidance, information and publications

Within this page, you will find several links to publications and websites. We have split this into two sections; infection control and tissue viability.

Please note that due to the vast amount of information availiable, some of the links may be more appropriate for an alternative sector of health than the area you are searching on behalf of. For more specific information about one of the following sectors, please use the tabs to the left of this page. (care homes, care agencies and general practice).

Infection control

RCGP Sepsis Toolkit Decontamination of linen for health and social care - government guidance NICE Quality Standard for Healthcare Associated Infections (QS113) Government guidelines on the safe management and disposal of healthcare waste Flu vaccination information leaflet 2015/16 from Public Health England The epic3 National Evidence-Based Guidelines for Preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections in NHS Hospitals in England Carbapenemase Producing Enterobacteriacae toolkit Norovirus: managing outbreaks in acute and community health and social care settings (, 2012) New Care Act 2014 Health & Social Care Act 2008- Infection Control Code of Practice (updated 2015) Uniforms and workwear: guidance on uniform and workwear policies for NHS employers Waste management - Royal College of Nursing NHS Outcomes Framework 2015/16 Preventing infection in care at home NICE quality standard QS61- Infection Prevention and Control NICE quality standard QS49 - Surgical Site Infection NICE prevention and control of HCAIs in primary and community care 2012 UK 5 year antimicrobial resistance strategy 2013-2018 Antimicrobial resistance empirical and statistical evidence base - Department of Health Antimicrobial prescribing and stewardship competencies Antimicrobial resistance - Royal College of Nursing Infection prevention and control commissioning toolkit (January 2016) Implementation of modified admission MRSA screening guidance for NHS 2014 - Department of Health NICE clinical audit tool 2012 Saving Lives- High Impact Interventions toolkit for Infection Control Respiratory Tract Infections: Infection Control Precautions in Healthcare Settings

Tissue viability

NICE guidance 19- Diabetic foot problems: prevention and management (2015) NICE pressure ulcer prevention 2014 Debridement - an updated overview and clarification of the principle role of debridement The debrisoft monofilament debridement pad for use in acute or cronic wounds Effective debridement in a changing NHS, a UK consensus Best practice statement - the use of topical antimicrobial agents in wound management Quick guide to debridement Management of chronic venous leg ulcers Principles of compression in venous leg ulcers Best practice statement - care of the older persons skin Wound care Handbook

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