NICE Guidance

NICE Publications Bulletins

Each month NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) issues new guidance and publications. The guidance is aimed at the NHS, Local Authorities, employers, voluntary groups and anyone else involved in delivering care or promoting wellbeing.

Please click here to access local summaries of the guidance that NICE has published. 

NICE Guidelines summaries for Primary Care

Please click on the links below to view and download local summaries of NICE Guidelines produced by clinicians and public health specialists as part of the NICE planning and assurance process of the CCGs in Devon:
Disability, dementia and frailty in later life – mid-life approaches to prevent or delay the onset of these conditions (NG16) - November 2016 Chronic kidney disease (CG182) - November 2014 Domestic violence and abuse (PH50) - September 2014 Managing overweight and obesity among children and young people (PH47) - March 2014 Feverish illness in children (CG160) - October 2013

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