Cranbrook - A healthy new town

Cranbrook - A healthy new town

Developing a new town offers the rare opportunity to plan health and wellbeing from the start.

Designed in the right way, Cranbrook’s built environment, health, care and wellbeing services, can collectively make it the norm for people to lead healthy, connected and sustainable lives.

Cranbrook is one of ten sites selected to join NHS England’s national Healthy New Towns programme.

This provides a unique opportunity to work with and learn from a wide range of national and regional partners to further our ambitions to create a healthy, vibrant, attractive and sustainable town of which the residents are proud.

Three organisations responsible for healthcare and wellbeing have written a strategy:
  • Devon County Council’s Public Health Department
  • Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group
  • East Devon District Council.

In essence, the strategy sets out to support the development of a town where:
  • Children and young people have a healthy start in life
  • People of all ages have access to healthy lifestyles
  • Health, wellbeing and care needs are met early on
  • People can access care and support in the right setting at the time when needed

The full document and an executive summary can be viewed below.
Cranbrook - A healthy new town (Executive Summary) Cranbrook - A healthy new town (Full Document)

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