Planning for your future care

Planning for your future care

Advance Care Planning (ACP) can help you prepare for the future. It gives you an opportunity to think about, talk about and write down your preferences and priorities for your future care, including how you want to receive your care towards the end of your life. Anything can be included. If it is important to you, use the booklet below to record it, no matter how insignificant your preference may appear.

Ensuring everyone around you understands and knows your care preferences helps to make your experience of care and theirs better.

You might also want to find out a bit more about the two lasting powers of attorney that you can use to legally give people the power to make health and social care and property and finance related decisions on your behalf if you become unable to make these decisions for yourself.

Linked below is the Advance Care Planning booklet, along with resources for healthcare workers around treatment escalation plans (TEP). These resources include the TEP form, associated guidance and an FAQ document. 

Advance Care Planning booklet

Resources for Healthcare Workers

Treatment Escalation Plan (TEP) form (v11) Guidance for Completing TEP and Resuscitation Decisions (v11) TEP 5 Key Messages (v11)

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