Maternity Services Liaison Committee

Know your local Maternity Services Liaison Committee (MSLC)

There are MSLCs in: 
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If you are interested in being involved and contributing to the development of maternity services in Devon, please read on to find out about your local MSLC.

Who we are

The MSLC is a dedicated team of local mothers / fathers, midwives, doctors and commissioners who are involved and / or have first hand experience of maternity services in your area.

Our aim

The MSLC aims to ensure that the views of local parents are listened to and taken into account.

What we do

"Keeping mothers and expectant mothers well-informed is an essential part of our maternity services. Our aim is to ensure that the care we provide is family-centred, safe and keeps you at the centre of everything we do at every stage of your maternity needs"

  • Advise on a strategy for the service development and service specifications
  • Gather service users’ views
  • Monitor the services that are being provided to expectant and new parents
  • Make recommendations for changes and improvements where these are needed
  • Provide feedback to clinicians and hospital staff about your experiences
  • Information leaflets
  • Work together with commissioners and clinicians to develop, improve and maintain high quality maternity services through the development of a MSLC action plan
  • Help to organise events in the community for maternity services users. 

"The MSLC is a vehicle for change and includes all those involved in planning pregnancy and receiving maternity care"

Your maternity care matters to you – it matters to us as well

What does it mean to join the MSLC?

The MSLC meets every two months in a local venue in each locality.  This is either a children’s centre, the maternity unit or other community venue.
Meetings are usually held earlier in the day because we have been told that is the best time for parents to attend a meeting and be able to meet their children from school.
If you would prefer meetings to be held at other times, please do let us know.

Meeting arrangements

It would be great if you could attend every meeting but we appreciate this can be difficult at times. 

Bring a friend if you wish, but be prepared to discuss and contribute your views on our services.
You are welcome to bring your baby with you, but please note we are unable to provide crèche facilities.

Agenda and minutes of meetings

The meeting agenda and minutes are published on the locality links below and shared with colleagues in children’s centres and GP surgeries. 
Each meeting also has a topic of interest identified by a service user and we are happy to invite speakers from within the relevant service.
So do come along and join us and help us ensure maternity services in Devon meet your needs.
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We are looking for new members!

If you are interested please contact: 01769 575160

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