Clinical policy patient support information

Clinical policy patient support information

Clinical policy patient support information has been produced to provide clarity for patients, the public and staff about why and how a decision has been taken in respect of commissioning a particular treatment and what it will mean for patients.

With the merger of the CCGs from 1 April 2019, current clinical commissioning policies and clinical policy patient support information can now be found on the NHS Devon CCG website here.

The CCGs' position on the implementation of policies affecting patient referral can be found here.

Why does the CCG have policies for healthcare treatments? 

Your CCG is responsible for ensuring that the treatments provided for the local population represent the best use of the NHS budget allocated to us for our population’s health services. Demand for healthcare in Devon is increasing every year. We have to choose how to use our funds carefully to ensure that the local population has access to the healthcare that is most needed and that people with equal need have equal opportunity to access treatments. This inevitably means that difficult decisions need to be made. Unfortunately, some treatment that patients might wish to receive, and that healthcare professionals might wish to offer, cannot be funded or is only offered under certain circumstances. This approach is consistent with other NHS organisations who buy healthcare for their local communities.

How are these decisions made? 

In Devon, these decisions are made by the Clinical Policy Committee (CPC). This committee includes GPs, lay members from the general public, healthcare professionals from the local NHS and public health teams. The committee considers the condition, available treatment options, evidence of benefit, cost-effectiveness and affordability and receives input from relevant healthcare professionals. The decision is made by GP members on the committee. The factors considered in approving the policy for a treatment are outlined in the rationale to the policy.

Specific commissioning policies can be accessed via the links contained in the support information above, or a full list of all current policies can be viewed here.

For further information about the Clinical Policy Committee please click here.

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