Holsworthy Community Hospital position statement

20 April 2018

Beds at Holsworthy community hospital were temporarily closed by Northern Devon Healthcare Trust (NDHT) in March 2017.

At this time the beds remain temporarily closed. Other services at the hospital remain operational.

A range of information was presented to the CCG by NDHT at the time of the temporary closure and additional data has been received in the 12 months since then.

Having reviewed the latest information provided, the CCG is no longer able to support the temporary closure and we have written to NDHT to formally request an implementation programme to re-open the beds. This includes asking the trust how they intend to recruit and what considerations they will give to moving staff from other areas and the risks this may present.

The CCG is under no illusion the difficulty that NDHT will have in doing this. Nationally and locally there is a shortage of qualified nursing and physiotherapy staff.  Holsworthy hospital is also in a very remote location and this makes it challenging to recruit to.

Running parallel to these efforts will be a CCG-led engagement process with local people to think about the long-term future of services in the area.

The CCG will build on engagement activity already undertaken with the local stakeholder group, using Joint Strategic Needs Assessment information, local workforce information, clinical expertise and lay perspective to develop a series of options for the future.

These options will then be presented to the community and if a consultation is required, then a process will follow this.

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