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NHS CHC- What is it?

NHS CHC is NHS funded care for adults age 18 and over with complex care needs who are either receiving long-term care or who may be at the end of their life and need care and support to meet their palliative care needs.

From April 2014, anyone eligible for NHS CHC will be able to receive the agreed funding as a Personal Health Budget (PHB), in the form of a direct payment. This will give people greater choice and control over their care and support. More information regarding PHB can be found here.

To establish whether a person is entitled to have their care paid for with NHS CHC, they first need to be assessed to determine whether they are eligible to receive NHS CHC funding. The process to determine eligibility is nationally defined, so we follow a standard process and use standard assessment tools to collect information to decide whether someone is eligible. The national assessment tools can be found here.

Anyone can ask for a CHC assessment

If you feel that you, a family member or someone you care for might be eligible for NHS CHC, then you can either email our referral hub or contact your local CHC team using the contact information below:

Services we commission

NHS NEW Devon CCG commission individual packages of care to support people in their own home and commission care homes to deliver care for people who are no longer able to be cared for in their own homes.

NHS NEW Devon CCG is also responsible for ensuring that residents of Devon who are registered with a GP in the NHS NEW Devon footprint, receive fair and equitable access to NHS CHC and for ensuring the quality of care delivered by the services we commission is to a high standard.

Who are these services for?

The care services NHS NEW Devon CCG commission are for people who, because of primary health needs, are eligible for NHS CHC funding.

This includes people with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, older adults with complex physical and psychological needs as well as young people transitioning from childhood to adulthood who become entitled to receive NHS CHC, if eligible, at the age of 18.

What is the function of the services?

NHS CHC ensures that people with complex healthcare needs have their care and support funded by the NHS.

Will the NHS always pay for these services?

Once someone has been found eligible to receive NHS CHC funding, they are subject to regular review by the same teams who complete the original assessment, both to ensure that the care being commissioned is of a suitable quality and appropriately meeting the needs of the person, as well as to determine whether that person remains eligible to NHS CHC, because as people’s care needs change, it may be that in the future they become no longer eligible to NHS CHC.

NHS CHC is not forever, only for as long as someone has complex care needs that result from their having a primary health need.

How to access the services?

To access NHS CHC, people need to be screened and assessed by a registered nurse employed to work for the NHS.

In Plymouth and West Devon / South Hams this assessment is undertaken by staff employed by Livewell SouthWest.

For the East and North of Devon - this assessment is undertaken by staff employed by Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust or Devon Partnership NHS Trust.

To request a CHC assessment for you, a family member or someone you care for:

Email: d-ccg.chcreferrals@nhs.net


Write to or Telephone: Your local CHC Team

NHS CHC Team Contact Details

Western Continuing Healthcare Team

(Plymouth, South Hams and West Devon)

Eastern Continuing Healthcare Team

(Exeter, East and Mid Devon)

Northern Continuing Healthcare Team

(North Devon)                           

Western CHC Hub

First Floor

Windsor House

Tavistock Road


PL6 5UF                                        

Tel: 01752 434231

Eastern CHC Hub

Ashclyst Building,

Exeter Community Hospital (Whipton),

Hospital Lane,



Tel: 01392 405444

Northern CHC Hub

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust,

Crown Yealm House,

Pathfields Business Park,

South Molton,

EX36 3LH

Tel: 01392 675414

Policies we operate under

The National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) governs how we work locally. It is available to download here.

On 15th March 2012 the Department of Health announced the introduction of deadlines for individuals to request an assessment of eligibility for NHS CHC for cases during the period 1st April 2004 – 31st March 2012. Such assessments would be considered Previously Unassessed Periods of Care (PUPoC). The deadlines to request such an assessment expired on 31st March 2013

However it is also possible to request an assessment for a period of care not previously assessed, where NHS NEW Devon CCG has failed to complete an assessment or follow the process as set out in the National Framework and where the CCG has been notified of a health need.

Previously Unassessed Periods of Care (PUPoCs) &
Refreshed NHS CHC Redress Guidance

NHS NEW Devon CCG Previously Unassessed Periods of Care Operational policy NHS NEW Devon CCG Redress policy
NHS England has published refreshed NHS CHC Redress Guidance for CCGs, to be used when considering NHS CHC redress payments for individuals. 

The document has been updated to reflect the 'Principles for Remedy' from the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) for all public bodies. 

For more information or to provide feedback please click here.

Individual Package of Care Policy

This policy is concerned with the sustainability, equitability and affordability of an individual care package.

The details and implications of this policy are set out in the document NHS NEW Devon & SD&T CCGs Individual Packages of Care policy below.
NHS NEW Devon & SD&T CCGs Individual Packages of Care policy
Continuing Healthcare
County Hall
Topsham Road

Telephone: 01392 675201
Email: d-ccg.complexcarenewdevon@nhs.net

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