Commissioning Framework

Clinical Commissioning Framework

As a CCG we recognised the need for a clear and consistent framework that would ensure fairness and equality of health care provision for all people living in our region, this idealism also applies to our providers and contracts.

The CCG framework was developed through a set of workshops, which involved bringing together our clinicians and senior managers to discuss the processes involved, with the aim of making the decision making process more effective, clear and transparent. 

Through sharing the guidance and information we collated, we hope to continue to foster strong open and collaborative relationships with our joint commissioning colleagues and providers.  

The NHS NEW Devon CCG commissioning framework is a set of modules detailing how we plan to provide health care services, working collaboratively with providers, across the region over the next two - five years.

You will find copies of all the modules that create the framework below.
NHS NEW Devon CCG - guidance issued updated 26.08.15 CF01 NHS NEW Devon CCG - commissioning framework CF03 A plan for quality 13th Dec 2013 (FINAL) CF04 Top 6 commissioner priorities CF05 Contracting principles CF06 NHS NEW Devon CCG - Finance commissioning framework CF09 Activity planning principles CF11 Commissioner priorities (set II) CF12 Better Care fund CF14 Question and answer process CF15 Commissioner priorities (III) 24 Jan 2014 CF16 - Technical adjustments CF17 Ethical framework CF18 - Questions and answers update CF19 CQUIN CF20 Emergency threshold review CF23 Reinvestment of benefits from the emergency tariff variations CF24 Strategic Planning Update CF25 - Operational Resilience and Capacity Planning CF26 - Better Care Fund - New Assessment Improvement and Approval Process CF31 - Reinvestment of Benefits from the Emergency Tariff Variations

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