Committee terms of reference

Committee structure

NHS NEW Devon CCG's committee structure is comprised of:
  • Assurance committees, which have oversight of various aspects of the organisation
  • Operational committees, which make decisions.
  • Two strategic planning delivery units.
NEW Devon CCG - Committee governance structure


NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS South Devon and Torbay Clinical Commissioning Group have aligned committees, including the governing bodies and sub-committees, to work more closely together.

The aim is to reduce duplication for both CCGs to benefit the whole population of Devon with consistent decision-making and seeking of any assurances to support decisions. Both NHS Northern, Eastern and Western CCG Governing Body and NHS South Devon and Torbay CCG are already meeting in common.

If a committee meets at the same time, in the same location, as another CCG’s committee, it is referred to legally as meeting as ‘committees in common’.

Each committee must have its own terms of reference and meeting agenda, with clear accountability back to each CCG.

Joint committees have delegated authority to make binding decisions on behalf of each of the CCGs.

The following committees now meet in common or as joint committees:


Committee type

Audit and assurance

Committees in common

Engagement committee

Committees in common

Strategic leadership committee 

Joint committee

Primary care committee

Committees in common

Quality committee

Committees in common

Remuneration committee

Committees in common

Northern and Eastern Locality

Boards in common

The finance committee is working closely with the Commissioning Finance Committee of NHS South Devon and Torbay CCG and the Western Locality meet as before.

Committee terms of reference (ToR)

Below are the agreed terms of reference for the following NHS NEW Devon CCG committees:

These committees are accountable to the Governing Body. Find out more about the members of the Governing Body, terms of reference and meeting minutes.

Definitions of Committee Working Group Functions

Strategic Leadership committee

The core purpose of the Strategic Leadership committee is to support the CCG’s Governing Body in its decision making to deliver its statutory duties as a commissioner and in doing so ensure that high-quality safe care is available to meet the healthcare needs of NHS NEW Devon CCG’s population within the available resources.
In order to deliver the core purpose and support the Governing Body in setting and delivering the organisation's strategic direction and priorities, the executive committee will coordinate the commissioning activity of the CCG ensuring clinical engagement and appropriate oversight of:
  • Strategy and Strategic change programmes
  • Operational delivery of commissioning intentions
  • Assurance Framework and high level risk management
Strategic leadership committee terms of reference Strategic Leadership Committee Mandate

Audit and Assurance committee

The duties of the Audit and Assurance committee include the provision of an independent and objective view of the CCGs systems of internal control, information and compliance with laws; to approve the internal audit plan; and to appoint internal auditors in order to maintain the effectiveness of the internal audit function.
Audit and assurance committee terms of reference

Finance committee

Finance committee terms of reference
The duties of the finance committee include preparing and approving detailed financial policies that underpin the CCG’s prime financial policies; scrutinising financial business cases; approving the CCG’s contracts for corporate support; and providing assurance on financial performance and delivery of action plans.

Quality committee

The duties of the quality committee include approving arrangements for supporting NHS England in relation to securing continuous improvement; approving arrangements and policies to minimise clinical risk and maximise patient safety; and approving the CCG’s arrangements for handling complaints.

Remuneration committee (REMCO)

Quality committee terms of reference

The duties of the remuneration committee include approving the terms and conditions of employment for all employees of the CCG. This comprises of pensions, remuneration, fees and travelling expenses; and other allowances payable to employees.

Locality boards

Remuneration committee (REMCO) terms of reference Northern locality board terms of reference
The Northern, Eastern and Western localities each have their own committee, which focus on their own area. The duties of these boards include determining the appropriate mechanism to jointly commission services with partners; making commissioning decisions, which meet the needs of the local population; and making arrangements to secure public involvement in the development and consideration of proposals for changes to these commissioning arrangements
Eastern locality board terms of reference Northern and Eastern locality accountability agreement Northern and Eastern locality mandate Western locality mandate Western locality board terms of reference Western locality accountability agreement

Primary care committee

The Primary Care Committee is formally constituted by the Governing Body to make commissioning decisions, which are safe, timely, personalised, recovery focused and sustainable, which meet the needs for and on behalf of the local population within available resource.
Primary care committee terms of reference

Engagement committee

The Engagement committee is responsible for assuring that the CCG meets its statutory duties to involve, engage and consult the public.
Engagement committee terms of reference

GP practices in NEW Devon

A full list of all GP practices in northern, eastern and western (NEW) Devon can be accessed below.
GP practices in NEW Devon

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