NHS England balanced scorecard

CCG balanced scorecard

The new balanced scorecard gives an assessment of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) for the first quarter of the year - April to June 2013, as part of an annual assurance process carried out by NHS England.
This is to ensure that CCGs are able to commission safely, use their budgets responsibly, and exercise their functions to improve quality, reduce inequality and deliver improved outcomes within the available resources.
This is the first time that the results of the new balanced scorecard have been shared. The information is shared as we think it is important to be transparent.
While it has been an effective tool for identifying areas for discussion between CCGs and NHS England area teams; it is important not to misinterpret the results of the scorecard assessment.
Standards have deliberately been set high to enable the appropriate assurance conversation to take place and the presence of a number of amber/red and red domain ratings is not necessarily indicative of failure - this is demonstrated by the fact that NHS England is not proposing any statutory intervention as a result of the first quarterly assurance work.
Where the balanced scorecard has indicated specific performance concerns, these have been addressed to ensure that improvement action is agreed where necessary. 
Because it is a new process further refinements and adjustments will continue to be made to the scorecard for future quarterly assessments - as part of the wider annual assurance process - to improve the way the balanced scorecard operates in informing future assurance conversations between a CCG and its relevant NHS England Area Team.
CCG assurance framework balance scorecard summary

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