The NEW Devon Way - An NHS Right Care approach

Letter from NHS England to CCGs about Right Care support

NHS Right Care’s contribution to NHS financial sustainability in Devon - 30 July 2015

On Thursday 30 July 2015 NHS NEW Devon CCG held an event for provider colleagues to meet and discuss how NHS Right Care will contribute to NHS NEW Devons financial challenge over the coming years.

Philip DaSilva, co-founder of NHS Right Care gave the key note speech, and speakers included:
  • Dr Tim Burke, Chair of NHS NEW Devon CCG
  • Martin Sheldon, Turnaround Director of NHS NEW Devon CCG
  • Dr Virginia Pearson, Director of Public Health, Devon County Council
  • Mark Marriott, Transformation Director, NHS NEW Devon CCG

Attendees included NHS and private provider chief executives, chairs, GPs and CCG colleagues. 

Please see the agenda, presentations and related literature below.

NHS Right Care explained - Dr Tim Burke and Phil DaSilva

Dr Tim Burke, Chair of NHS NEW Devon CCG and Phil DaSilva, Co-Founder of NHS Right Care introduce NHS Right Care and discuss how the CCG will implement the methodology to its work.

Agenda 1. Tim Burke - Right Cares contribution to NHS financial sustainability in Devon 2. Philip DaSilva - NHS Right Care Devon-ignition-presentation 3. Martin Sheldon - How right care will help NEW Devon 4. Dr Virginia Pearson - Prevention Presentation for NEW Devon CCG 5. Mark Marriott - NHS Right Care findings to date letter from Dr Tim Burke to key stakeholders - 7 Aug 15 Commissioning for Value pack - Cardiovascular (CVD) disease Commissioning for Value pack - Musculoskeletal (MSK) disease A Right Care Collaboration 2015/19 - Forward View Attendee list

NHS provider and CCG colleagues network at the event

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