Key facts

Population: 138,724,
GP practices: 17
Community Hospitals: Whipton Hospital
Co-chairs: Dr Rob Turner and Gilly Champion
Email: D-CCG.EasternLocality@nhs.net

Transforming community services

 Community health services are services that take place in people’s own homes or other local healthcare settings. 

As GPs, we understand the need for services outside of hospital and we know these services are highly valued by patients and their carers as well as the health and social care professionals and staff working in them.

However, it is widely acknowledged that the demographic changes expected in the Eastern Locality over the next five years will result in increased demands on community services.

To prepare for this, in 2013, we carried out a piece of work to ensure that these important services remain strong, safe, equitable and sustainable in the long term. We called this 'transforming community services'.

Find out more about transforming community services

Exeter engagement

Over the last 12 months, the Exeter sub-locality have been engaging with the local community.

This has taken place in many forms including meeting with local health professionals, stakeholders, councilors and members of the community.

We will continue to engage with the local community to allow us to use this information to inform the design of future services.

Lay members

The Eastern Locality has appointed lay members and patient representatives.

These lay members and patient representatives will work with the sub-localities to ensure that there is patient representation and a public voice throughout the decision-making process.  

Our lay members are passionate about health improvement and will help us to establish local priorities for healthcare, taking a broad view across the Eastern Locality area.

You can find out more about our lay members, Christine Buswell and Margaret Peats, here.

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