Mid Devon

Mid Devon sub-locality

Mid Devon sub-locality:
Population: c112,683
GP practices: 18
Community Hospitals: Crediton, Moretonhampstead, Okehampton and Tiverton
Chair: Dr David Jenner
Vice chair: Dr Alex Degan
Commissioning lead: Tina Teague
Email: D-CCG.EasternLocality@nhs.net

Transforming Community Services (TCS)
Community health services are services that take place in people’s own homes or other local healthcare settings. 
As GPs we understand the need for services outside of hospital and we know these services are highly valued by patients and their carers as well as the health and social care professionals and staff working in them. However, it is widely acknowledged that the demographic changes expected in the Eastern Locality over the next five years will result in increased demands on community services. We need to prepare for this so that these important services remain strong, safe, equitable and sustainable in the long term.
Following a lengthy process the CCG decided in 2015 that the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust is our “preferred provider” of community health services across the Eastern Locality. The CCG is presently working with the trust and our present provider (Northern Devon Healthcare Trust) to ensure the safe transfer of these vital community services to The Royal Devon and Exeter later in 2016.

You can find out more about the TCS process here

Moretonhampstead and Crediton Community Hospitals
Following consensus to pursue the development of integrated health and social care hubs in Moretonhampstead and Crediton the steering groups continue to meet in both towns to oversee the projects. The steering groups are made up of key community stakeholders such as the League of Friends, Parish councillors, local GPs, members of the patient participation groups, members of the Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust and the CCG.
Both groups have been meeting for sometime and now looking at the benefits of “Place-based care” which encourages NHS organisations to collaborate with other services and oganisations to address the challenges jointly in order to improve the health of their populations.

A website has been developed and can be found here  

Mid Devon Patient Forum
The Mid Devon Patient Forum comprises representatives from the patient participation groups (PPGs) of GP practices in Mid Devon. 
The forum meets six times a year its purpose is to allow the members to bring issues and information from patients local to them and act in an advisory capacity to NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). The Mid Devon Patient Panel may be asked to consider commissioning proposals and discuss their effect on local services.
You can find out more about the Mid Devon Patient Forum here 
Mid Devon patient representatives:
You could find out more about the Mid Devon patient representatives here

Photo by Lewis Clarke

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