Wakley (Axminster, Seaton, Honiton, Ottery and Sidmouth) sub-locality

Wakley (Axminster, Seaton, Honiton, Ottery and Sidmouth)
Population: c71,695
GP Practices: 7
Community Hospitals: Axminster, Honiton, Ottery St. Mary, Seaton, Sidmouth
Chair: Dr Simon Kerr
Commissioning lead: Christy Thurlow
Service delivery manager: Christy Thurlow
Email: D-CCG.EasternLocality@nhs.net

Transforming Community Services (TCS)
Community health services are services that take place in people’s own homes or other local healthcare settings. 

As GPs we understand the need for services outside of hospital and we know these services are highly valued by patients and their carers as well as the health and social care professionals and staff working in them. However, it is widely acknowledged that the demographic changes expected in the Eastern Locality over the next five years will result in increased demands on community services. We need to prepare for this so that these important services remain strong, safe, equitable and sustainable in the long term.

You can find out more about the TCS process here
Lay members
Wakley lay members work across the Wakley area engaging with practice's patient participation groups, the health and social care forums and within the Wakley members team to bring the patient perspective to the commissioning discussions and decisions being made within the area. 

Our lay members are considered to be an integral part of the discussions we have with invaluable input from themselves and the public they are representing.

Wakley engagement
Over the last 12 months the Wakley sub-Locality have been engaging with the local community, this has taken place in many forms including meeting with local health professionals, stakeholders, councillors and members of the community.
We will continue to engage with the local community to allow us to use this information to inform the design of future services.

Photo by Robin Lucas

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