Can I talk to PACT in confidence?

Can I talk to PACT in confidence?

PACT is a confidential service.

No details about you or the issues you raise are passed on without your knowledge and consent. The informal PALS process can keep all information anonymous; however a formal complaint may not be able to be anonymous. 

We will discuss and agree with you any action that can be taken before we act.

If you wish, we can work on your issue without knowing your name. However this may limit the level of detail we can obtain as a response, and will require you to contact us again to find out what answers have been gained and what action has been taken.

We report all the types of issues raised by the public to influence service improvement planning, and we do this without releasing any specific case details.

Your Rights

You have the right to:

  • Have any complaints you make about NHS services dealt with efficiently and to have it properly investigated
  • Know the outcome of any investigation into your complaint
  • Take your complaint to the independent Health Service Ombudsman if you are not satisfied with the way your complaint has been dealt with by the NHS
  • Make a claim for judicial review if you think you have been directly affected by an unlawful act or decision of an NHS body
  • Compensation where you have been harmed by negligent treatment.

The NHS also commits (pledges)

  • To ensure you are treated with courtesy and that you receive appropriate support throughout the handling of a complaint. The fact that you have complained will not adversely affect your future treatment
  • When mistakes happen, to acknowledge them, apologise, explain what went wrong and put things right quickly and effectively
  • To ensure that the organisation learns lessons from complaints and claims and uses these to improve NHS services.

Our commitment to you

  • If a patient, or their relative or representative, has cause to complain about the services commissioned by our CCG , the emphasis will be on seeking to resolve the complaint to the satisfaction of the complainant
  • You will be given a named case manager as a point of contact to discuss your complaint
  • You will be involved in decisions about how your complaint will be handled. This will include agreeing a realistic outcome for your complaint, agreeing the points for investigation and a timescale for a response to be provided
  • If a mistake or error has been made, this will be acknowledged and the complainant provided with an apology, an explanation about what went wrong and given information about the measures put in place to ensure as far as possible that there is not a recurrence of a similar event. Where necessary we will ensure support is provided to the patient or complainant to cope with the physical and psychological consequences.

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