What can I use PACT for?

What can I use PACT for?

  • Someone to explain how things work in the NHS
  • Find you sources of advice
  • Support and information
  • Ask questions on your behalf
Advice and support:
  • To talk through what is worrying you
  • Identify options to resolve things
  • Take action for you if you choose
  • Ongoing support during complex cases
This may include information about, or referral to, other useful agencies.

  • We take the messages about your experience
  • Make sure these are used to prevent repeats of the poor elements
  • Pass on your appreciation of the good ones
Resolving complex issues:

The NHS is a series of complicated organisations.
  • We can help to coordinate the efforts to get things resolved across different agencies and healthcare providers
  • We can get your messages to the right people, and help to influence change
  • Join the puzzle pieces so you get the care that works for you
This can include long term support issues while in ongoing care.

If you have an issue to resolve, we will try to help you get action without having to make a formal complaint, however a formal complaint maybe more appropriate and we can assist you with this.

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