26 April 2016 - NHS NEW Devon CCG responds to BBC Spotlight in full

NHS NEW Devon CCG responds to BBC Spotlight in full

26 April 2016

The Success Regime ‘case for change’ was published in February and set out a clear picture of the challenges we face across Devon.
While it is absolutely the case that services are likely to need to change in future, since February we have been reviewing with clinicians, Healthwatch, and partner organisations the information and evidence presented in the ‘case for change’. This work is ongoing and it is too early to talk about specific options.
People's health and needs vary greatly from one part of the county to another, and far more care than is currently case could be delivered in a community setting. A number of our services may not be sustainable in their current form in the future.
We are at the beginning of a process and working together across the NHS and social care, to develop a programme to ensure we are able to deliver clinically and financially sustainable care for people across Devon not just now but for a long way into the future.
This will build on some of the work we have undertaken previously around our proposals for Transforming Community Services and further engagement with local people will see new models of care will emerge.
Financially, the NHS in our area is living beyond its means, so we also need to address that. We are starting a patient engagement programme next month and this will begin by looking in detail at the issues the ‘case for change’ has raised.
The ‘case for change’ is available here.

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