5 January 2017 - Your Future Care consultation drawing to a close

Your Future Care consultation drawing to a close

5 January 2017

A public consultation on proposals to improve the way care for the elderly is provided in Eastern Devon draws to a close on January 6. 

That means there is just one more day left for people to find out about the plans and have their say on Your Future Care – a proposal by NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (NHS NEW Devon CCG) to provide care and support at home and in the community for the elderly and frail, preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and supporting a faster return home when hospital is needed.

It would reduce the need for community hospital beds in the Eastern locality* and a 13-week public consultation began on October 7 to decide where the remaining beds should be located.

Today (Thursday 5 January) sees an update on the consultation process so far provided to the Governing Body of NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group.  Papers for the Governing Body meeting, held in public, can be found on the CCG website here.

Since the consultation launched, more than 2,000 people have attended public events, meetings and roadshows organised by the CCG as part of the consultation so far. Medical staff and executives have also attended various council and community meetings to talk about the proposals and listen to feedback.

We have distributed more than 14,000 consultation documents and 55,000 summary documents and more than 200 copies of the consultation document in easy read, large print, audio and braille.

If you have not yet read the consultation document, and your local library has run out of copies, phone 01392 267 642 to request a copy. It includes a response form and FREEPOST envelope. You can also respond online here.

Dr David Jenner, GP and CCG board member, said: “There are sound clinical reasons for adopting the model. Every day, up to 600 people are in hospitals (100 of these in community hospitals) who no longer have a medical need to be there.

“We know that a length of stay in hospital of more than 10 days can cause people’s health to deteriorate, particularly in relation to muscle strength. As well as that, lots of people tell us they want joined up care, which supports and promotes independence, as locally as possible.

“What we are proposing is a way of wrapping care around people where they live, by spending money on providing better care for people away from hospitals.

“I want to personally thank everyone who has contributed to the consultation so far and I encourage anyone who hasn’t responded so far to do so.”

*The Eastern locality of Devon covers East Devon, Exeter and Mid Devon and parts of West Devon, including Okehampton.

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