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Flu vaccination is offered free of charge to people who are at risk, pregnant women, carers and some young children to ensure that they are protected against catching flu and developing serious complications.
Who should have it and why

Parents in South West urged to take up offer of free flu vaccinations at school

Public Health England is urging parents and guardians to take up the offer of a free childhood flu vaccination in school this year.

  • Every winter, around September parents will be asked to sign or electronically complete a consent form allowing their child to be vaccinated against flu. 
  • 63 percent of school aged children take up the flu vaccine
  • Flu vaccine is offered in the school setting from Reception to Year 5
  • Flu vaccine is free and is given as a simple nasal spray – no more injections
  • Flu vaccine uptake rates for schools by local authority available at the end of the release

Children are often called “super spreaders” and we know that even with the best intentions, children frequently forget to wash their hands or to cover their mouths and noses when they sneeze or cough.

By vaccinating children we not only help protect children from a nasty illness but also reduce their ability to be these “super spreaders”.

Vaccinating the school population helps to protect siblings, parents, grandparents and other vulnerable people and reduces the impact of flu on the rest of the wider community.

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