Digital roadmap

Digital roadmap

The Local Digital Roadmap is in response to the Forward View in Action – paper-free at the point of care initiative and has been developed through the leadership of the three clinical commissioning groups, covering the Devon and Cornwall Peninsula, and in collaboration with the provider organisations within those footprints.
It sets out the shared vision, goals and plan required to deliver integrated health and care IT solutions across the area and will enable us to achieve the paper-free ambition.
To achieve this ambition locally, there are four key areas of focus namely:
  • Health and care organisations need to become mature (comprehensive and effective) digital users
  • Connect all the digitally mature organisations
  • Enable individuals to have secure digital access to personal  health and social care records
  • Identify what can be achieved ahead of the 2020 deadline.

This roadmap builds upon the progress of our local work and identifies how the three CCGs (South Devon and Torbay, Kernow and NEW Devon) in the Peninsula might work together to use the skills and resources we have for the population we serve.
The 10 universal capabilities which every local health and care system is expected to make early progress between now and March 2017 are set out in the Roadmap.
The roadmap is aligned with the Sustainable Transformation Plan (STP) and considers how digital technology will support closing:
  • The care and quality gap
  • The finance and efficiency gap
  • The health and wellbeing gap

And in addition, we take into account a number of the 10 STP big questions which include
Q2 How are you engaging patients, communities and NHS staff?
Q3 How will you support, invest in and improve general practice?
Q4 How will you implement new care models that address local challenges?
Q8 How will you deploy technology to accelerate change?
The roadmap is a living document, which is both aspirational and ambitious and is expected to evolve between now and 2020.

The document is available for download below.
Digital roadmap for Devon and Cornwall

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