Urgent care services

Urgent care services

Community urgent care services are those that can meet a need for healthcare which cannot wait until usual primary care services are open, but the person does not feel that the situation is urgent enough to warrant the use of 999 or emergency department services. The definition is based upon the person’s perceptions, not those of the service.
General dental and medical practice, supported by other primary care services, is the bedrock of the NHS and is accessed by about 80 percent of the population annually.

Primary health care is available to everyone in Devon, without the barriers of geography, cost, language, or culture. These services do provide a proportion of urgent care and advice as part of their core services as do other providers such as opticians, pharmacists and 111.
We know that many people can have urgent care provided away from a main hospital site, either in primary care services as described through standard contracts or with enhanced services which may offer a greater multidisciplinary team and access to more diagnostic services and advice.
This model of care is intended to offer a range of clinically safe and financially stable services to enable people to be cared for at or close to home by the right teams of staff. These services include:
  • GP and dental telephone triage for advice, diagnosis and treatment
  • A multidisciplinary home visiting service
  • A range of places for people to be seen outside of emergency departments
  • Emergency dental treatment centres
  • Mobile visiting services where they may better serve the local community.
The procurement process for these services is now underway. We have a competitive dialogue process in place which allows us to work with potential providers to shaper the model in the light of our information and their knowledge and skills and the outputs from local engagement.

Depending upon the final offer we are anticipating that that is there is a significant shift from the current model further consultation may be necessary. Relevant procurement documentation can be accessed through the following links.
Invitation to submit outline proposals for the provision of community based urgent care services to the Devon area Specification for community based urgent care services Form of offer Criteria for the rejection of economic operators Bidder declaration Conflict of interest Final model template Eligibility questions Out of hours and NHS 111 data NHS 111 commissioners locality subset NHS 111 monthly commissioners report Contract activity monitor


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