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What you said about the services needed and how they should work

In this second round of engagement on Transforming Community Services (TCS), we asked people to tell us which services they felt needed or could be provided in the community and how these could be delivered most effectively. Our summary report and support pack is available below. This support pack includes information about:

  • How we engaged with you
  • Who we enaged with
  • What people told us
  • The next steps for engagement and TCS
Western Locality TCS involvement and consultation report

Report support pack

Introduction Stakeholders involved Frequently asked questions Engagement activity log

How you helped shape our strategy

Find out how your views will be used. Our involvement and consultation report is now available for you to view. The report is a short summary of the process and findings, but we have also provided a report support pack that includes:

  • Detailed reports from the events with notes on all feedback given
  • A report on the engagement process itself
  • A list of the questions people asked us
  • A list of the types of people we invited
  • A list of the groups and organisations who took part in the engagement
  • An evalution of the health events
  • A survey which we would like people to complete about the engagement (even those who were not involved).

We would like to thank all those people who took the time to share their views with us.       
To read the documents please click on the links below.
Stage 1 engagement report Support pack To find out more information about the Western Locality commissioning intentions please click here To find out more information about TCS across the CCG area please click here

Your health, your future, your say - what's it all about?

'Community services' are of central importance to the vision of 'healthy people, living healthy lives in healthy communities' and we must plan now for the future.

It is important that we set out the vision, outcomes and strategy for community services, including community hospitals, for each locality in NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon CCG.

Co-production will be vital to designing the vision, outcomes and strategy as well as informing the principles and scope for the re-commissioning and procurement. 

We will actively seek and welcome any input you wish to give. 

this work is part of the TCS process taking place across Devon

What are community services?

Right now, community services include things like:

  • Community nursing
  • Podiatry
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Long term conditions matrons (e.g. COPD, Diabetes)
  • Community hospitals
  • Supporting early discharge from hospital
  • Rapid assessment to avoid the need for people to go to hospital
  • Tissue viability care

Why are we looking at community services?

As commisioners we have a duty to ensure that we spend your money on effective services; that you have the care you need, when you need it, where you need it and from people you trust. To make sure of this we regularly look at the services we commission to see if we can commission services that meet your needs better an that help you to stay healthy and independent.

Where are we now?

At the moment, we have made no decisions about how community services will look in the future. This means that together, we all have an opportunity to review the current provision and to explore if there are other, more effective ways of providing these services in a way that better meets your needs.

To do this effectively we need to hear from you. If you would like to find out what people have told us so far click here 

How you can influence the future of community healthcare services?

We have been out and about asking people about community healthcare services in the Western Locality and will be continuing to do this up until the new year and beyond. Before it's decided what community services will look like in the future we want to hear from you. We have been asking people:

  • What health services would you expect to have from 2015?
  • What would you want for your children and their children?
  • Don’t limit your aspirations, it’s not the here and now it's future services we are building – what can you see when you close your eyes?
  • If you were unwell, what would you need to help you stay in your own home?
  • If you had to go into hospital what would you need to help you get back home quickly?
  • What would you need to improve your health?
  • What do you need to stay healthy?
  • What are the top five things you would want?

We have also been asking people to think about what they would need to stay healthy if they were:

  • A young family
  • Elderly
  • On their own
  • Or considered themselves to be part of a minority group
  • Someone with a long term condition like diabetes, asthma or heart disease 
  • Socially isolated

What do you think? Some people we have asked have answered all these questions others have just thought about one or two; so please do feel free to answer as many or as few as you wish. Any information we receive will be anonymised before it is shared with a wider audience.

Have your say here by emailing us at .   

For more information take a look at the briefing document below. 
Briefing document

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