Children and young people

Re-procurement of children's services in Devon

Since December 2016, both CCGs in Devon have been in the process of re-procuring some of the children's services in Devon. This is happening because the current contract is coming to an end. The services being re-procured are as follows:

LOT ONE - North, East, South, Torbay & West

Emotional Health and Well Being

SEND and Children with Additional Needs and Long Term Conditions

Child & Adolescent Community Mental Health Services (CAMHs)

Looked after Children Nursing service

Nursing and administration contribution to the MASH processes

Learning Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Nursing and Community Support to include:

Community Children’s Nursing (incl. specialist school nursing; Palliative care)

Neuro disability and Integrated Therapies to include:

Speech & Language therapy (incl. Early Years Language Consultant Torbay)

Occupational Therapy (NHS and Social Care),

Physiotherapy, Specialist Children’s Assessment Centres

LOT  TWO - Plymouth

Plymouth Integrated Community Health, Wellbeing and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Support Services


Learning Disability

Speech and Language Therapy

Public Health

The re-procurement process has been heavily influenced by the views of children, young people and their families and carers. The information about how people were involved in the re-procurement can be found at the link below.

The actual  procurement process (looking for possible providers of these services) for services for children and young people in Devon started on 5 February 2018 but has now closed and commissioners are in the process of evaluating the bids that have been received.

For more information about this process see the documents  below:

How you have influenced re-procurement Our strategy for Children's Services Our Procurement Process Specifications for Lot 1 Specifications for Lot 2 Questions from Provider Events 8 March 2018: Presentation for clinical cabinet 8 March 2018: Questions and statements from clinical cabinet

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