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Help us to improve services across Devon

Health and social care organisations in Devon constantly strive to ensure that high quality services are provided for children and young people. 

Services range from those that all children and young people come into contact with at some point including health visiting and school nursing, services to support those with mental health issues and services for children and young people with additional or special needs (up to the age of 25).

The contracts to provide services for children and young people in Devon are due to be renewed from 1 April 2019.   This provides an opportunity over the coming months to review and improve the system of care and support available to children and young people across Devon. 

Over the last few months local health and social care professionals, clinicians, partner organisations and patient representatives have been developing ideas to form proposals for how future services for children and young people might look. The report below, which gives details of lots of engagement work that has been carried out across Devon has already influenced these developments.

How feedback has helped to shape services for children and young people across Devon 2011-2017
We have also been regularly meeting with local parent representatives and they have been helping to make sure parent/carer views are heard.  For more information, please see the letter below from one of our Devon Parent Carers' Voice (DPCV) representatives.
Letter from Devon Parent Carers' Voice (DPCV) May 2017

Before making any decisions, we want to test our ideas with local children and young people, parents and carers, professionals that work with children/young people and those referring children/young people into services. 

How you can give your views

Between 13th July and 15th September, we will be seeking the views of children and young people, parents, carers, professionals that work with children and those that refer into services to further inform our proposals.  There are a number of ways you can get involved.  

Step 1

Read about our proposals
Click here to read, view or download our engagement document - Shaping Future Services in Devon
We can provide this document and/or the survey in an alternative format (e.g. language or text size).  Click here to make this request.

Step 2

Complete our survey, attend an event or contact us to talk about your experiences
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If you have a question or query that is not answered on this page, please contact us by phone:  01803 652480

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