Consultation document

Consultation document

Our full consultation document describes the challenges we face in more detail and the opportunities the new model of care provides, what we’ve improved so far and what we are proposing to do next.
Please read the consultation document all the way through, then give us your answers to the questions in this form. Thank you for your interest in this important consultation.
A summary consultation document is also available via the links below. 
Full consultation document Summary consultation document

Large print, easy read and audio described formats

Full consultation document - Large print Summary consultation document - Large print Consultation document - Easy read Full consultation document - Audio described
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Time Chapter
00:00:00  Index
00:02:09  Executive summary
00:09:17  Foreword
00:15:13  Locality chairs introduction
00:20:53  Your local NHS
00:23:17  The current challenges facing the local NHS
00:33:10  What we’ve improved so far
00:42:15  What we want to do next: Your Future Care
01:03:26  What service changes are needed?
01:27:59  Safe and effective implementation
01:30:43  Your Future care – Next steps
01:31:42  Your views
01:33:39  Glossary

Have your say on the consultation document

Telephone: 01392 267 680


Write: Freepost YOUR FUTURE CARE (no stamp required)

The consultation document is also available in other languages, in large print and in audio format. Please contact us if you would like to receive it in one of these formats.

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